What to do if the traffic police inspector wants to write a penalty for the first-aid kit of the old sample.


Good day dear readers! The other day, the motorist Sergey Praslov wrote to us in the post office and told his story with which we decided to share with you.

The driver was stopped by an inspector who hoped to write down the graph for a not fastened seat belt. However, the driver turned out to be disciplined and the inspector was calculated.

However, it clearly did not want to remain an employee. He demanded a car aid kit that the driver immediately performed.

Nadezhda employee was justified. The first-aid kit was not an overdue, but not freshly acquired. And this hook …

The fact is that from January 1, the new 2021, the Ministry of Health approved the new automotive agent. The employee did not bother to inform the unfortunate driver, thereby finding a new reason for punishment.

It is already clear that the driver was not confused and called his classmate to a lawyer to obtain a consultation on the legality of the actions of the DPS officer. What I had to do immediately.

The Ministry of Health really changed the composition of automotive aid kits from January 1. It’s true. By the way, just a couple of new items were added — medical bandages and masks.

But, the fact that old first-aid kits are not suitable for use — the shade of the lies. The resolution clearly states that the first-aid kits acquired to a new ruling are effective before the expiration date.

So the claims of the employee were unreasonable and biased. Apparently the representative of the authorities needed a protocol, since he decided on such a straight line.

Surely similar divorces have an action. After all, not all drivers can get the necessary advice or a good advice.

The driver made a phone call to his classmate to a lawyer and advocated him competently. Inspector did not remain how to wish a happy path and release an intemeed driver for all four sides.

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