What to do if your car was hit and left.


To date, there will be a lot of accidents on the roads. Moreover, the accident can happen even in the parking lot. At the same time, there are such cases when the driver hits someone else’s car in the parking lot and just leaving the scene.

What in this case make the affected side? Also, do not everyone know how they do in the case of an ordinary accident on the road, when the guilty face also hid. It is recommended to adhere to the following order of action.

In the event of a collision on the road, it is not recommended to chase for the culprit of the accident. You must stop, enable an alarm and set an emergency sign.

In principle, the same actions must be done in the event that the car was damaged in the parking lot or in the courtyard. Despite the fact that in fact there is no accident, he was still an accident, it is necessary to fix in the manner prescribed by law.

The next step will be the challenge of the traffic police inspector. The affected person should count on the help of the guardianship of the law and, if possible, help in finding a guilty person.

It will not hurt to search for witnesses. It is necessary to collect the maximum number of confirmation of the fact of damage to the car. Well, if the video recorder is installed in the machine.

Based on the video, you can establish a guilty face and in particular the number of its car. So find the offender will be much easier. It is necessary to provide a video from DPS to employees.

However, it is worth considering that behind the wheel of another car could not be the owner, but someone else, who was instructed by the management of the machine. Also, the car could be in the hijacking.

In the absence of an installed video recorder in the car, it is recommended to apply for help in stores. Surely in some store a video surveillance for the adjacent territory.

If the car was damaged in the parking lot, then in this case to get the record will be much easier, since in such places there are mostly video surveillance cameras.

Be sure to take a snapshot of damage. At the same time, the area should be visible in the photo.

To find the guilty face you need to spend a lot of time. We will have to be patient and continue to search. If you still succeed in finding the offender, it is worth finding out that he has insurance. With its absence to achieve compensation, harm succeed except through the court.

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