What to do in a situation where the DPS inspector stops under the prohibition sign.


Very often in the cities of our country in the evening the work of the crews of the DPS is to identify drunk drivers. Even raids are even declared for this.

As a rule, DPS employees try to settle near the various kinds of cafes, bars and other similar institutions.

At such moments, the authorities do not pay attention to the signs forbidding signs.

Raid, by the way, fully justify the actions of the staff. But how to be drivers in such a situation? If on the road, the DPS officer demands to stop under the sign prohibiting the stop.

What to do is not to become a malicious intruder. After all, it can be that a camera is mounted in front, which will fix the violation. And later the driver will come unkought fine.

Many people think that the best option will not submit to the requirement and not stop. This option is not the best. In this case, employees can immediately change the irregularity and even make a chase. This is fraught with consequences.

It is also not necessary to think that it will be possible to stop, passing the dangerous zone of the prohibition. The prohibition zone can end up with 200 meters, and after 300 meters.

In this case, the inspector may also immediately disobedience and chase, although this actually did not happen.

The consequences are the same deplorable, as in the first case.
The most faithful solution is still to stay at the request of the inspector.

It will be the easiest. Do not be afraid of chambers located nearby, which will record violation. And even another crew of the DPS, which is standing, and fixing the violation, is not fear.

You can protect yourself using the video that you need to remove not only on the recorder, but also on the phone.

Be sure to capture the DPS crew, its car relative to the crew and relative to the sign prohibiting the stop.

Even if the receipt will come to the penalty, with the help of the video, you can challenge the decision to punish.

From the above, you can make appropriate conclusions. No need to be afraid to stop under the sign. If you require a DPS officer.

As a rule, that is, the reason is some raid. Although the reason to ask the reason once again does not prevent.

Well, the video shooting will help to protect yourself. It will serve as an indisputable proof of your innocence.