What was the final ban on the right-hand drivers.


Prohibition of the import of right-hand drives. From July 1, 2020, a new state standard came into force. This GOST implies a ban on driving with the right wheel throughout the Russian Federation.

With this GOST, you can read in detail on the Internet on free access sites. Time is tirelessly running forward, people change and all around people.

However, permission to import cars to Russia with the right steering was established for a very long time. Purely from the historical side of the question can be understood that in our country the money was earned in such a way as a car crawling and of course duties.

After it began to bring all the smaller dividends, the import of right-hand drives began to limit the lifting duties and enter other different tariffs. The income was provided to the maximum. Such a large amount of finance can be compared with the supply of gas or oil and there is absolutely no matter what to lose tremendous income on climbing and duties.

In this situation, which now occurs with the importation of right-hand drives in our country, it can be concluded that someone is completely uncomfortable to see cars with the right wheel on the Russian automotive market. After all, the demand for such cars gives rise to competition to other automotive brands.

But Japanese cars are very and very rarely broken and can drive not one hundred thousand kilometers, of course, in conditions of such competition, the imports of such cars want to ban. Who can be accused of such the situation? Of course, in the first place, domestic producers come to UMM, such as auto VAZ.

After all, with a ban on the import of right-hand drive cars, the demand will increase dramatically, and according to the sale of Russian cars. It turns out that there will be no choice, and people will quietly become acquiring our «Lada» as in the former Soviet times.

Because for such a price it is possible to buy only a domestic car and not even think about a good foreign car. And since the VAZ belongs to foreign manufacturers, then here you can see the influence of Western countries on the Russian car market.

In addition to AvtoVAZ, there may be other auto-related manufacturers in the ban on importing right-hand drives. It does not make sense to list them. It is unlikely that the deputies or officials began to limit such a flow of finance, it is probably behind all this there are some more influential people.

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