What will threaten the driver for riding without passed inspection from 01.03.21.


From March 1, 2021, changes will be made to the vehicle inspection rules. So, the decree of the government «On the conduct of technical inspection of vehicles» enters into legal force.

This document was adopted on September 15, 2020 and it provides for the presence of sanctions that will be applied to persons who have not made the TC inspection timely.

The main innovation to pay attention is to cancel the diagnostic maps. According to the new rules, there is a mandatory photography of the machine inspection procedure with the subsequent display of geolocation data in the photo.

All information is loaded into a single database, after which any inspector can use it. This requires only the presence of some kind of gadget.

For example, it can be a tablet. In this way, you can check the information about visiting the driver of the maintenance station.

If the card was issued with a violation of the above requirements, then it is invalid. Moreover, the penalty is also provided with respect to the STR who provided a coupon with violation of the requirements.

It is 300,000 rubles. Re-violation entails an increase in a fine for 200,000 rubles.

Drivers can learn about the reality of their card at a single service www .eaisto .info. For successful checking, you will need to enter the car license plate.

Now it is worth talking about what sanctions are expected by persons who do not have inspection coupons.
On the Internet there are many information about this issue.

In particular, the fact that the driver will be fine in 2000 rubles will be applied. However, these information is not entirely reliable.
In 2019 The administrative code has undergone changes that provided for the punishment of drivers who have not passed the procedure of technical inspection, a fine of up to 2000 rubles.

At the end of July 2020, these amendments were to enter into force. However, the coronavirus pandemic was prevented. As a result, the entry into force of the changes was postponed until spring 2022.

From March of next year, all the amendments will raise legal strength and drivers will be fined.

With regard to the current situation, until the end of 2021. Drivers should not be afraid of punishment for the absence of inspection. From next year, sanctions will actually begin to work for missing inspection. It will be a fine of 2000 rubles.

From March 1 of the current year, the amendment to Article 14 of the Law «On OSAGO» takes effect. Now insurance companies will receive the right of regressing requirement for the accident culprit when there is no inspection coupon.

The toughest punishment will be applied to taxi drivers, route vehicles, buses, trucks that are engaged in passengers.

It should be borne in mind that insurance will receive the right to submit regress to the above persons in the event of an accident, regardless of the cause of the accident.

Of course, in the absence of inspection coupons in these persons. The drivers of the passenger car regressive requirement will be presented in the event of an accident due to the faulty vehicle.

In other cases, regress is illegal.
However, not everything is so bad and in these changes there is a positive side. So, the timing of the passage for new machines will be increased.

All cars under 4 years will be released from the inspection procedure. Previously, it concerned exclusively machines that were under 3 years old.

Cars, age of 3-10 years, must be inspected every two years. Previously, this rule belonged to the age of 3 -7 years.

A car whose age is more than 10 years old, should attend a hundred for technical inspection annually.

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