When it is better to include a stove on a cold engine, or on a heated.


With the arrival of winter, the question of how to properly exploit the car stove is relevant. Some drivers include the device immediately after starting the engine.

Some will wait a bit, but only then start the heating structure. Who is right? To find out the truth I had to get advice from a specialist, mechanics with great experience and tremendous experience.

So, in fact, the design of the automotive stove is very simple. Here, in all the principle of «all ingenious — simply».

In the engine cooling system, an additional fan is installed, which drives warm air into the salon from the heated coolant.

Indeed, no ambitious engineering solutions. By the way, in some modern cars, a special Ten is installed in the heating system, to ensure comfortable operation of the stove until the engine is warmed to the operating temperature.

Well, then it suggests itself the main question of the current conversation. When should I turn on the stove? The mechanic answered the question not definitely.

It turns out to include the device when it is convenient to the motorist. That is, it is possible and immediately, and after a few minutes. The main thing is to know a couple of nuances to ensure maximum device operation.

If you turn on the stove immediately, then just follow a simple rule. Do not rush to set the maximum power. You need to start with the lowest speed.

Thus, the engine warms up to operating temperatures without loss and the interior is warm effectively and fast enough.

At high speeds in the salon will be charged with cold air. After all, the engine has not yet gained the desired temperature.

If you have a habit of turning on the stove after a few minutes of engine operation, then we also do not rush to set the maximum temperature and high fan turns. Especially follow these placement on the direction of the hot air flow.

In no case do not send a hot stream to the windshield. Otherwise, you can easily get an annoying crack. By the way, so unpleasant surprises are subject to foreign cars with original windshchers.

Best if everything breaks evenly. And turn on air recycling, so the salon will warm up faster.

There is another option to develop events. This is if your iron horse is equipped with climate control. In this case, generally do nothing at all.

The car will do everything for you myself. Warm air to the salon will come when it is necessary and since it is necessary. Everything will take place in the most optimal mode for the car and in the most comfortable mode for the driver and passengers.

The most important thing in this topic is that the car stove would be in working condition. Because the climatic conditions of our country are mostly severe, especially in winter.

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