When the new procedure for the medical examination of drivers come into force.


It is possible to facilitate the fact that a new procedure for honey. Examination is postponed again. This time before the beginning of 2022.

It is worth reminding that the new project has accommodate expensive tests to identify alcohol and drugs.

While the order of the order can be discussed on the public portal for projects and regulations.

This order has repeatedly threatened to enter into force. However, he was already postponed a couple of times. And now, again, the entry of the law is postponed, which is undoubtedly a big plus for drivers and those who are only going to become.

Let’s remember what the innovation threatened. And the new order really promised to be Grozny because of the obligatory delivery of two new tests.

The first analysis, expensive and long-term is done — urine test for the presence in the body of psychotropic drugs.

Another analysis is a blood test for determining the heavy and constant alcohol load on the body.

The main thing in the innovation is that analyzes are pretty expensive. This will significantly increase the cost of the driver’s medical certificate. The price may increase to 9000 rubles.

In addition, analyzes are long done, time to week. This is the same negatively affects receipt of references.

In addition, such analyzes are a novelty, so to speak by a breakthrough in the field of medicine.

Therefore, the corresponding equipment for conducting such analyzes is far from everywhere. So it turns out that so far the law can not be implemented. And it’s better to work in full strength.

However, he was not canceled, and again just postponed. Now the law begins to refine to the possibilities of our medicine and the capabilities of our drivers.

It will look noticeably thus. Analyzes will still be necessary, but they only need to be used to persons according to the testimony of doctors.

That you first need to identify signs of alcoholism for example. And then then pass everything you need.

In addition, due to expensive and rare equipment, drug addictions are invited to carry out data or similar analyzes are likely affordable.

What to reflect in cost.

So far, the legislative project fits the golden middleness between the ability to identify such diseases as soon as possible as alcoholism and drug addiction and the reaction of the people to innovations.

Naturally possible negative reaction. That’s just it looks like an excuse.

After all, it is possible to make this law and not obsessive.

You do not need to force our expensive tests. Let them pass only those who really cause suspicions and those who are seen by the authorities in abuse of alcohol or drug driving.

Of course, the percentage of detection will be less and money, respectively, too. For that, this will be true in relation to drivers and to candidates who want to receive a driver’s license.

But whether such an innovation will protect the movement on the roads — it remains under a big question.

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