Where it is better to store your car to not rusted: on the street or in the garage.


Disputes from motorists arise in many reasons. One of them: Where is the car better, everything is saved? In a cold garage, on a street parking or in a warm garage.

Let’s carefully study all three options.
Immediately I want to note that the argument of street parking, good ventilation, is valid only in summer, or where he is warm. In the cold season, it does not work.

You can personally make sure. Going out into the street in the morning everyone sees on their cars standing on the street, condensate. This is either moisture, as if dew drops, or frown — ice crust.

The car is made of iron, so that this moisture envelops the whole car, which greatly contributes to the appearance of corrosion, then you mean the car rust.

Now the cold garage. In the cold garage there are advantages. First, there are no precipitation on the car. Secondly, the car in the garage cools up giving his heat air. So in the room will be warmer than on the street.

This is already good. Condensate will not. True there are flaws. In cold garages, cars are not thawing completely after driving on snow-covered roads.

The remaining snow freezes the new and can harm. For example, exhausted the mudguard.

But it can be easily corrected. You only need to clean the car before putting it into the garage. By the way, this problem is relevant for street parking.

So it came to the turn to a warm garage. In the warm garage, the car dries completely. Tips and dries.

It does not form condensate, there is no snow chuck or ice. So there is no corrosion, rotting or something else.

Immediately want to make a reservation. I have a warm garage, so I know everything about storing the car in the warm garage. However, how the car is saved on the street. It was in my practice and that.

The difference is significant. However, I live in the middle lane of Russia. But what is the case in the northern regions I can’t say with accuracy.

It is believed that it is in the north in warm garages of the car susceptible to corrosion much stronger than any other place.

Although it is not entirely clear with what it can be connected. With the difference in temperatures or with the fact that in our climate it is called cold garages they are considered a warm garage. Alas, really do not know …

By simple explanations, we found out that the car is still best preserved in the warm garage in winter. This concerns the middle strip of our country.

Here are rare frosts below 25, so in the heat the car will be well ice and will not rust from moisture and condensate.

Probably, those who feel for the best storage of the open-air car simply have not yet acquired garages and jealously envy the owners of these.

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