Where should the first-aid kit in your car according to the rules?


One of the previous topics told us about the rules and norms regulating the presence of a fire extinguisher in the car. Those who got acquainted with her can proudly declare their competence in this matter.

And now on the agenda lies about the more indispensable thing in the attributes of the motorist — a medical aid kit.

Fortunately, almost all drivers while driving have it in stock, but most carelessly refers to the location of this attribute in their cars.

Someone just throws into the trunk, and some particularly resourceful drivers put the first-aid kit in the space for the spare track.

I think, it’s time to ask the question «Where should she still lie down?».

In the article about the fire extinguisher, advice on their location, at least in some documents, which, however, have little attitude to traffic rules. In the case of a first-aid kit, the situation is even more invented, despite the fact that this small box is capable of preserving many lives.

Despite this very faceting fact, we can give recommendation and ourselves. So, where is the first-aid kit to put?

Most importantly, access to it should be as fast as possible. The trunk does not serve as the best chapter for the first-aid kit at least due to the fact that when an accident can simply swam.

The safest and relatively available place is the space under the passenger seat in front or immediately behind the rear glass.

It is worth considering that the first-aid kit must be fixed and desirable to save it from direct sunlight.

Dear drivers, be attentive and careful on the roads, follow traffic rules and safety rules. Good luck on the roads!