Where there should be a fire extinguisher in the car according to the rules so that the traffic police inspector will not be fined.


Each car moving along the roads of general use should be not only technically sound, but also equipped with a first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher.

However, not everyone knows that these items should be located in a certain place. This applies to the fire extinguisher, since the first-aid kit can be located anywhere.

The main thing is to be always free access to it. With a fire extinguisher, the situation is much more complicated.

It is still worth mentioning that some drivers carry a faulty fire extinguisher, just not fined them. If we talk about the location of this item, then many it is in the trunk.

It is very convenient, as it does not interfere with feet in the cabin. Such drivers refer to the fact that the rules of the road does not specify the place where the fire extinguisher should be located.

Not all drivers know about a special legislative document governing the rules of exploitation of fire extinguishers and fire equipment taken back in 2009.

This document states that the fire extinguisher must be located as close as possible to the driver. This suggests that it needs to be placed somewhere in the cabin.

For example, under one of the front seats. No matter where it will lie, the main thing is that the driver can freely reach this subject.

This rule is explained by the fact that in the event of a focus of ignition, the flame applies very quickly, which means it is necessary to start as quickly as possible to its extinguishing.

Sometimes the bill goes for moments. To prevent a large catastrophe need to quickly react, and if the fire extinguisher will be far away, then there can be no speech about the fast fire carving.

The ideal location of the fire extinguisher is a platform under the driver’s seat. Although it can be located in another convenient place for the driver.

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