Which drivers must give up when turning to the right.


A detailed analysis of some controversial situations contribute to the assimilation of traffic rules and a decrease in the risk of an accident. Today we will talk about the controversial moment at the intersection while turning to the right.

So, two cars are moving along the one-sided road. For convenience, we denote them with different colors: yellow and blue. Yellow car moves along the left strip, blue cars on the right side of the road.

And both need to make a turn maneuver to the right. However, ahead of the blue car notices an obstacle in the form of a cargo machine with an alarm enabled.

The turn does not succeed. You need to rebuild into the left strip. And the driver of a yellow car does not want to skip the poor man.

Who is right here, who is to blame? Who and what should give? Who should miss?

If you follow the letter of the law, then turning right to perform from the extreme right-hander, which is written in detail in paragraphs 8.5 and 8.6.

So all over it comes out that the driver of the blue car came correctly, and the opponent of the yellow color is wrong.

However, the yellow car has the same priority, according to the markup of 1.18, it can make a turn with the left strip. This is quite legal. Then who and who should give way in this situation?

For starting, we will understand whether the right driver of a blue car restructure left to the left. True, in this situation, the blue car turned out sharply sharply than rebuilt.

It is also impossible to name such actions to be a violation, about the fact that there is a markup 1.7, which means the absence of restrictions between the strips of movement.

It turns out that the above paragraphs 8.5 and 8.6 in this case do not work. According to paragraph 8.7, you can retreat from them and use it paragraph 8.9.

Here is the order of travel in this situation. To avoid the accident in this case, the road must be given in the car moving from the left.

In our case, the yellow machine must still skip the blue car. Priority — movement on the right side. The main thing for motorists is to know the rules of the road.

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