Who is obliged to give up with the judgment of the road, the driver who left or right.


Each multibound road begins somewhere and ends somewhere. There are often cases when a multi-band road has a narrowing of several bands into one.

Such road conditions can also be found on country tracks, and in urban streets. These areas are fully considered emergency. Because, due to the controversial situation, small traffic accidents occur.

Everything is happening due to the difficulty of combining several sweats of cars in one. So try everyone to squeeze into one lane at once, if you quickly. Some torpigations are directly nursing, because of them and collisions occur.

In fact, everything is very simple in such situations. Although motorists do not think so. Two groups of drivers defend their own opinion based on road rules.

Immediately I want to note that one opinion is mistakenly mistaken. Let’s deal with what exactly.

So, the first half, it is half, because the opinions were divided just in half, it believes that, with the judgment of the road, paragraph 8.9, in which the following is said: if the trajectory of movement of several cars is supposed, the road is obliged to give the driver who has no interference on the right.

But this is only when the priority of travel is not indicated by signs or markup, or somehow else. It turns out that all the well-known interference acts on the right and here.

This is perhaps one of the most memorable rules since the time of study in a driving school. However, not all so simple. We should not be hindered on the right where it should not be.

For narrowings on the road there is paragraph 8.4 of traffic rules. There, black on white it is written that when rebuilding from several streams in one priority, drivers moving in a stream without rebuilding have.

That is, the instrument should just be those who want to restructure, and not those who ride in the strip without rebuilding.

If the rebuilding is simultaneously from several threads, then it will be necessary to interfere with the right. But only those who are rebuilt.

The rule acts on any judgment of the road, both on the left side and on the right side. The band on which all other streams come out is priority.

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