Who is obliged to give way to the courtyard: the driver or pedestrian.


Good day dear channel readers! Today we will raise, painful in many urban residents, the topic about the rules of movement in the yard territories of pedestrians and cars. Who is to learn the road?

For began to turn to the Time of PDD. There is a section at number 17, which regulates the movement of cars in residential areas. However, most motorists often mistakenly believe that item NO17 is valid only under signs 5.21,5.22.

Both signs are notified of the beginning of the residential zone and the end of it. That’s just in the reality of such signs very little. See similar pointers when entering residential zones can be in rare cases.

Therefore, it is not necessary to think that point NO 17 acts exclusively in tandem with pointers. You only need to extend the study of traffic rules and in paragraph 17.4 you can see the refinement.

The requirement of the NO17 section applies to all residential areas regardless of the availability of applicants.

Now, what about the question itself: who, who and when should the road in residential courtyards? In the Arc PDD states the priority of pedestrians.

However, there is a small mark that states that pedestrians should not create unreasonable interference for the movement of cars. This legitimate justifications are completed.

The fact that you can understand the concept of «unfounded interference» in the traffic rules cannot be found. In order to somehow clarify the situation will have to turn to the addition of the Vienna Convention.

More precisely to the European Agreement, where there is also a section regulating the movement in residential areas. This is what you can learn from the aforementioned document: the movement of pedestrians throughout the road of residential areas is fully resolved.

You can even play on the roads. But the drivers must be extremely careful and must always pass pedestrians.

And again nothing is understandable. After all, motorists are obliged to give up pedestrians, with other pedestrians should not create unreasonable interference.

How to be? Only one thing remains: to understand that in residential areas, the pedestrian will be a full participant in the road in a given territory.

If a person just has nowhere to leave the road, then the driver is obliged to skip a pedestrian, wait if required. The driver should not signal in the back, demand to free the way if a pedestrian really has nowhere to go.

For pedestrians, certain efforts are also required. Do not block the road standing in the middle of the roadway bold with a friend or neighbor. So do not need to be done by law nor human concepts.

In this question, there can be no conflict situations only if everyone belongs to each other with respect and mutual understanding.

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