Why after stopping the DPS inspector, I never go out of my car.


Almost all drivers, with a rare exception, are aware of how to behave with DPS employees on the roads. And those few want to recall once again that it should not pop up from his car, as if the features from Tabakcoque, and flee to the meeting inspector.

Why, ask some drivers, naively believing that coming out of the car can you speed up the process of communication by the representative of the authorities? Because such behavior you will most likely call the opposite effect.

According to the current standards, the driver is obliged to leave his car only in two cases: when transporting transport in the presence of two understood not from the number of DPS employees and when removing driving as a consequence of certain circumstances.

Most often with such circumstances is alcoholic intoxication. Otherwise, the inspector must come to a stopped car and will present in accordance with the rules, calling the title, surname, and so on, and so on …

By the way, an impatiently unfastened from the steering wheel or a frightened driver himself gave a reason for punishment. Employees immediately imputed a penalty for riding without a seat belt.

Now such behavior among inspectors is very rare. Nevertheless, staying in the car you will have time to fix this laughter.
So let’s summarize the above.

Do not get out of the car towards the DPS employee. It is necessary to behave freely, calm and politely.

According to the requirement, not disturbing the rules.

Wait for the inspector and open the window to listen to it. With the slightest suspicion, ask to make a certificate.

Find out the cause of the stop, most often it is to conduct various kinds of raids. If the reason was the violation, then the legal right of the driver will be the requirement of evidence. As well as need to learn the law, on the basis of which, the violation is imputed to you.

If the stop has served a banal check of documents, then they should be present without delay. True, submit documents best one by one, saying out loud what exactly you pass into the hands of the inspector. How do you protect yourself from an unexpected disappearance of something.

Which by the way can cause a fine. Such cases take place among DPS workers. So to speak, divorce from inspectors, in a stack it is easy to remove any document, and then predicted a shortage and impose a punishment.

Let’s return to violations if the cause of stopping violation and proof to face, agree to draw up a protocol in which you must leave your marks and explanations. Do not leave the car and go after the inspector in his car. There can also be any tricks complicating the situation for the driver.

No need to be afraid to speak the inspector that you are not going to leave your car, it is quite legal right!