Why are many injections done in the buttocks?


The injection is unpleasant, but sometimes a very important procedure. Injections can be done intravenously and intramuscularly, and for the latter, the arms, legs, shoulder blades, buttocks and so on are used. But the fifth point is used most often.

Why do doctors choose it for injections?

There are different methods for taking medications, but intramuscular injections are often chosen. This is due to the fact that the body can respond with protection to pills or drugs injected directly into the blood. After all, even drugs designed to help a person are perceived by the system as foreign objects that should be disposed of.

It turns out that although the drugs that enter the blood immediately act faster, they are excreted from the body too quickly. But the medicine, injected intramuscularly, will be in the muscle tissues for some time,


There are still restrictions on the amount of medication: it is not recommended to inject more than 1 into the arm and scapula.