Why Chechnya no longer uses its 20 region in license plates.


In the 90s, the digit «20» was used on the car numbers in Chechnya to designate the region. However, at the beginning of the «zero», a series of license plates with a twenty was abolished, and another code for the designation of the region appeared at the Chechen Republic.

For what reason did it have been done? Is there a connection with the Chechen military campaign?

Codes for the designation of car numbers in the regions are assigned to the edges, regions and republics, based on the Constitution of our country.

However, the Chechen Republic is an exception, the number «95» is used to designate the region’s code there.
Most adheres to the opinion that the code of the region «95» is associated with the reference to the Chechen war, namely the first campaign.

The only thing to remember what the Chechen war began in December ninety-fourth year. The appropriation of such a code is due to the fact that the first one hundred numbers for the designation have already ended and Chechnya allocated a figure from free available.

Why did the number «20» abolished?

In the times of hostilities and after them in the Chechen Republic, an unlawful circulation of cars was distributed.

This is the only region in which it was easiest to register a car that was acquired illegally.

Roughly speaking, in the republic there was a huge number of stolen cars, the registration of which was rebounded by illegally receiving documents.

The numbers were blocked «20». Stop the illegal turnover of the corrupted cars was the main task of the authorities. It remained to solve the question of how to identify cars with fake numbers from cars registered legitimate?

The most faithful solutions from the state was the abolition of car numbers with the 20th code of the region.

Instead of numbers that were invalid, began to issue numbers with the number «95». These innovations helped to identify and cut off cars registered illegal.

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