Why did the Russian Empire buy out a small port city from China?


Throughout its history, Port Arthur has fallen into the possession of Russia several times. Several countries claimed a small Chinese town, but the Russian Empire nevertheless got it by cunning. In the end, this acquisition provoked the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War.

But why was it so important for Russia to get Port Arthur?


The Russian Empire needed a peninsula, so it tried in every possible way to persuade Japan to abandon it, and it succeeded. Japan did not take the peninsula, and the city of Port Arthur located on its territory.

After a while, the Russian empire hurried up and agreed, most likely with the help of bribes, with the Chinese to lease Port Arthur for 25 years. Japan was against this decision by the Chinese, but almost accepted it. But later, the Russian Empire took a fancy to Korea, which Japan had plans for. After that there is no time


In 1945, the USSR conquered and regained Port Arthur. It was rented again, but now it has become a common territory with China. Several times the Soviet Union tried to return the peninsula to the Chinese as unnecessary, but they persuaded the Soviet military

In the 19th century, trade was mainly carried out by water. Russia did not have ports that would not freeze in winter. At the same time, there were no good icebreakers at that time. The Liaodong Peninsula was an excellent option for increasing trade with the eastern countries and America.

In addition, the Russian Empire had plans for Manchuria, and wanted to colonize it. Therefore, after receiving the peninsula on lease, Russia began to actively build schools and churches in it, hoping also to introduce the Chinese to Christianity. But the plan could not be realized due to the invasion of the Japanese. And when the peninsula returned to the USSR, icebreakers had already appeared in the country. Therefore, the need for the territory of China has disappeared.