Why do not like DPS employees when they write «disagree» in the protocol.


Forms of administrative disorder protocols have a special column in which the offender can testify its attitude towards the situation.

Simply put, the driver on whom the Protocol is compiled may agree with the charges submitted or disagree. What and should leave the appropriate entry in the document.

DPS employees in the majority of however, pointing to the graph require the words of writing the words «with the Protocol», explaining this action with simple formality.

Although it is not quite so. And of course begin to be noticeably nervous if drivers do not agree to write under the dictation and express a protest of the wording «I do not agree with the opinion of the DPS officer.»

Inspector in this case can start with simple beliefs, and finish the breakdown to break. Why do employees like literate drivers that try to protect their rights? Let’s look carefully in this matter.

Most often, the introduction of new rules passes only on paper. And the style of work remains old. Approximately the same is the case of DPS employees.

Despite the fact that the so-called global system has been canceled, the inspector continues to work according to the old rules. The installed system is not so easy to break. Moreover, it is much easier to live in the usual rhythm.

Therefore, all employees, as before, continue the battle for the amount of protocols compiled. They require the fulfillment of the plan for violations. Although everyone understands the absurdity of what is happening.

It would seem that less violations, the better the work of DPS staff. No! The smaller the violations, the worse the inspector work! This is how we are measured by the work of the guarage of order on the roads.

These methods lead to the fact that the crews emerging to duty are trying to recruit the required number of protocols. And then you can relax.

Why employees do not like the phrases «disagree» in the protocol. And because for them it is fraught with trouble and quite serious.
First, the execution of the protocol is a time consuming and takes a lot of time.

But also to identify the intruder. So the whole process takes really a lot of time. Employees need to dial the number of protocols, and during difficulties, the time for one protocol increases significantly.

There is a risk of not meeting the work shift with the execution of the plan. But it is rather not a problem, but a concomitant inconvenience. In addition, the dissenter driver very often has to clarify some aspects much longer, and this is again precious time.

And the following things can be attributed to problems. Appealing the protocol in the event of the disagreement of the driver is a normal phenomenon. This procedure may not end in favor of the employee, but in favor of the driver.

Then the protocol is canceled and the troubles are waiting for not only the inspector, which was the protocol, but also his entire department. Expandments will be made, and after it will follow and deprivation of the long-awaited award.

Those who do not agree with the protocol, have a lot to explain longer and in more detail. This was mentioned above. However, there is another nuance. Such drivers are usually more scrupulous and write down everything that happens to the phone or registrar to then make a record as evidence.

Therefore, the employee must be more than correct and attentive. The strongest exposure or inaccuracy in explanation of the procedural process can lead to recovers from the head.

Of course, not all motorists writing in the protocol phrase «disagree» are filed by complaints. Some protocols remain not appealed. However, written in the pen does not cut off.

It may be that the next picky check will be closed precisely for such a protocol. By the way, such protocols are very loved by checking, there is something to scold the checked.

Then the payout for an uncomfortable phrase will overtake the inspector at the most unexpected moment, which is also nice too much.

So all the reasons for the negative relationship of inspectors to the banal driver’s phrase «I do not agree».

The main thing is to remember that this phrase needs to be written only in the case of controversial situations. And if the violation on the face, the phrase «I do not agree» in the protocol from punishment will not save, but only aggravate the situation.

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