Why do we have a huge amount of cars with toning, although it is prohibited.


Once, it was accepted into traffic rules on the ban on the binding of the front side and headile glasses. This was done in order to reduce emergency situations. It is believed that due to the reduced light-rescue ability, the driver’s orientation is reduced.

But despite all the prohibitions on our roads, lovers of complete tinting of all glasses are quite common. How do they manage to avoid punishments, fines and penalties?

Apparently there are some tricks to circumvent the rules not to the detriment of yourself. Let’s figure it out more thoroughly in this matter.

Yes exactly. There is a removable toning. Earlier, fashionable tinting film has long moved to the background. Today there is a very convenient device — removable plastic.

More precisely, the panel of darkened plastic, which can be easily dismantled in the moments. And then return back, as quickly and without much difficulty. So, at the sight of DPS crew, remove the illegal fixture will not take much time.

Another device to darken the glasses in the car can be bolded to call perforated curtains. This device has a thin easily bent metallic frame, which is stretched by a special fabric.

Usually dark colors are used to devices. And the light permeability is achieved with small holes. In essence, the curtains are made from the grid. Their weighty priority in the ease of installation at any time. What again is a big plus in order to avoid punishment. The curtains are easily installed by the mounting frame for the seal on the glasses.

Another way to escape from a curious eye is frameless fabric curtains. Usually dark fabric is used in this adaptation. The device resembles home curtains. It also works the same. If necessary, you can open the curtains. When the fabric needs to be easily attached by clips, retracting to the side.

In general, even such tinting methods are not legal. Inspectors can easily punlets perforated or tissue curtains. The protocol will not be avoided. The only difference can be an article on which penalties will be issued.

If you know more, then the usual toning falls under Article 12.5 (part 3.1). But the various adaptations of the type of curtains are the same article only part of the other, according to which removable devices will equate to non-compliance with the fault list. And everyone knows a faulty car to operate prohibited.

However, in addition to the fixtures, there are still sneakers having a film tinting of glasses. These brave and reckless people are launched on various tricks to avoid punishment. For example, when approaching the DPS crew drivers simply open the windows completely, hiding toning from the eye of DPS employees.

There are even special devices that block the raising of glasses. And at the request to raise the glasses, motorists answer that a breakdown occurred, the locks jammed, and the driver goes to the service to eliminate the breakdown. This is certainly a good move, that’s just during the cold season, it’s not too convenient to use it.

But this, perhaps, not all. There are still comrades of motorists who do not want to recognize the law. Toning Such drivers hide in any convenient way. Well, how to say comfortable … The ride of such comrades is reminiscent of the attraction — you will not fall.

Toning lovers are hiding behind large cars, move at the extreme left strip, try to avoid stationary DPS posts and not appear on the roads during raids.

Probably, more than all annoying category of tinting lovers are motorists who have influential relatives. They are generally a sea of knee. This category of owners of toned machines has great confidence that they will always come down with hands. But sometimes protection gives a failure, they are still punished.

As for the fines, the tinting is not too expensive. The size of the fine is only 500 rubles. And if you meet the payment for 20 days, then it is not at all 250. The amount is not so great. So there are drivers who simply pay fines and continue to ride with toning further, only and everything.

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