Why DPS inspectors are so afraid of Articles 19.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.


What are so afraid of DPS-Niki at the sight of this article? Do inspectors have any restrictions for which he himself can be fined?

For violation of the article

Everything is simple: this offense will be enshrined in their personal case, which means that they can easily be removed from the award.

Moreover, it will be more complicated to move through the career staircase, because the authorities will follow the employee’s fine. So they scares them not the penalty itself, but its consequences.

We can say about them that the boundaries are still visible, but somewhat thin, since if the inspector will take away a little from the provisions of the instruction, then it can be said that he violates the law.

If it acts on the prescriptions, then everything is correct and legal.

Of course, when the inspector treats laws as he just wants, everything is already clear here.

However, there are a large number of various situations, so we will analyze only a few:

If the inspector saw a tint on the car and begins to write out a fine, then it is correct, but if he starts to be sick and gives you a penalty for the rear toned glass and in the same article, then this can be firmly called fluff and self-government.

If the inspector sees through your windshield, that someone from the passengers will not fasten the belt, he can stop you and write a fine — absolutely legal action.

But if he himself began to open the doors of your car just to convince the belt in reliable fixation, then this is an offense and self-government.

If the inspector begins to fill in a protocol for inspection, conducts video surveillance and invites two more people to check the contents of your trunk, then these are legal actions.

However, if some of the previous provisions are not fulfilled, then this is an offense and self-government.

Thus, the driver requires knowledge of communication with inspectors.

If something went wrong, and the inspector clearly overtakes, then the best solution will call the police and make a complaint.