Why drivers have become massively jamming the «Era Glonass» system on their cars.


Era Glonass has long become one of the standard elements of all domestic cars. It is necessary to assist drivers who have fallen into an accident. In addition to calling an emergency service operator, the system can transmit all the information about your location and movement routes.

To communicate with the operator, you must click the call button on the device. However, many drivers did not suit these devices, and they began either to remove them or jumped. Why?

I’ll tell you about it below.
In general, the invention of such a device is logical and justified, because if a person got into an accident, he necessarily needs help, just not everyone liked.

First, it was necessary to pay 10,000 rubles for the installation of Era-Glonass., Much for an ordinary person.
Secondly, the drivers decide to see what so much money was given to. They specifically pressed the button to hear the operator, however, it was often very badly audible.

Sometimes the button broke down, which generally killed any confidence in this technique.
This served as an impetus to improving the system, and now it works fine. Even when testing, experts are specifically associated with the operator to make sure that the device is working. However, there were still people who were not to taste such a mechanism. They tried to drain the device.

In general, drowning it easy. All that is required is to turn off its power or remove the transmitter from the housing. Here any driver will cope here, so the mass trip was only a matter of time. Some firms even provided their services to disconnect the device.

The most first began to turn off the device workers of fleets that apply fuel cards and for the interests of the company, and their own. Then many believed that Era Glonass could track them down and transfer information about their location to whom it is necessary.

And this thought pushed the devils to jumped, because otherwise, many could learn about the actual fuel consumption. In fact, for this use other devices.

Those who wanted personal freedom were also worried and was afraid to distribute their data, because the device provides speaker. Therefore, it was likely that the driver at any time could listen. But often the device turned off the drivers who have worked wrong.

So, he could independently turn on and turn off, causing the operator. Here, however, it was necessary to contact the manufacturer, but before the elimination of such a defect had to be jammed manually.