Why engine power is considered in horseback.


Everyone knows that the power of any engine is measured in horsepower. However, few people thought about why horsepower was taken for the measuring unit.

This method of determining the power of the car was invented in Scotland James Watt. This engineer in the 80s of the 18th century invented the steam engine was invented.

The result was a rather powerful unit. By the way, he was on the technical characteristics much better than the engine of Newkumn, designed a little earlier.

The advantage of the Watt engine was its great efficiency. At the same time, the motor for work it was necessary to 75 percent less than fuel than classic units.

It seems that everyone should have started using such a motor, but no one would believe that his engine would be much better than other modifications created by other engineers.

Everything else, the population did not understand the technical part, and therefore they did not understand what one motor is better than the other. The engineer did not have to do anything, how to try to explain more and more intelligibly, so that a simple people understand him, never facing technique.

The fact is that at that time there was a widespread transport. Based on this, the comparison of the power of the motor with the force of animals would be quite relevant. The engineer took the attention of the average horse.

He found that the animal for 1 minute produces about 43,928.5 Joule. The engineer took all possible errors for their attention and as a result he had to bring some formula. So, it was found that 1 horsepower is 45,000 Joule.

About all his calculations, the engineer said publicly. However, he drew the attention of people to the fact that all his calculations are approximate. After all, not every horse is capable of working for the day throughout the day.

However, despite this, the engines became more popular and gradually a manpure transported to the background. To date, the WATT engine can be considered part of the technical revolution.

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