Why gasoline flies in the fuel tank, and how long it is stored.


The opinion of many drivers about the quality of modern fuel coincide. This opinion is very negative. Since the fuel sellers are chitryat adding various additives to increase the octane number. Yes, and over time, when stored, its characteristics become worse.

It can be said that the gasoline stood in the tank clearly loses in quality. So to speak, flutters right in front. From such a fuel, the car works much worse.

The car loses in speed, the engine is noticeably noise and twitching. When starting, problems may arise. Of course, such problems arise quite rarely. Moreover, the downtime with fuel in the tank is rarely someone from motorists admits.

However, in winter, the so-called «snowmen», cars left by motorists before spring appear in the parking lot. For them, information will be useful for them on the shelf life of modern gasoline.

In order not to be unfounded, I had to get advice from a specialist. A familiar employee of the fueling station gave an exhaustive response to the question of why modern gasoline quickly loses work properties.

According to many motorists, the current gasoline is simply exhausted quite soon. And there is a share of truth. In fact, the shelf life of the fuel, however, as the remaining substances are available.

In the ethyl gasoline, which was produced earlier, the shelf life was rather long, at least five years. In fact, the fuel was kept much longer and did not lose its properties.

However, in our time of ethyl gasoline is no longer found. Its production was banned. So the fuel has changed markedly.
Modern fuel according to GOST, can be kept no more than one year.

This applies to the AI-92 brand. But this is under the right storage conditions. It should be understood that the car’s tank is not the place where the fuel can save its direct properties.

Gasoline needs to be stored in the most sealed containers, then the properties remain even longer than the stated term. Car tanks have ventilation systems.

The influx of oxygen in this case is almost complete and unlimited. This factor is badly affected by fuel. Essentially oxygen is destructive for gasoline.

So, at filling stations and petroleummills, fuel is contained according to storage requirements. It does not spoil the qualities of fuel.

It can have a serious impact on the shelf life and additives added to modern fuel. Some of them have properties to evaporate.

Others, on the contrary, fall out of time. By the way, this fact can affect the quality of gasoline even under the correct storage conditions.

To avoid such problems, it is worth paying attention to the car refueling. It is better to refuel more often and gradually, not to fill the fuel of the future. Well, or change the fuel campaign. Sometimes gasoline is highly different depending on the manufacturer.

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