Why gasoline in the Russian Federation is always only more expensive and never falls in price.


Of course, Russia is the most unique country in the world. Events and processes that occur in our country are deprived of all logic. Often Russia puts the rest of the world into a dead end.

Only with us with a decrease in the price of oil per barrel, the price of gasoline is flocked to cosmic, when everything else happens in the rest of the world.

This, non-logic phenomenon, occurs for two reasons. In Russia, the price of gasoline is in no way connected with the price of oil, as is customary worldwide.

Our fuel has its own pricing, which goes beyond the framework of standard logical explanations.
These are these two reasons in all its glory:

  1. Pricing policy of manufacturers; 2. Tax policy of the Russian Federation.
    Fuel taxation in Russia is equal to fifty five percent.

By not complicated mathematical computing, anyone can understand that this excise is simply invented by someone’s bright head.

The party said: «I need!», Komsomol replied: «There is!». Due to the impossibility of the lag of the other side there is a smooth or not very increase in vacation prices.

This peculiar dance launches precisely with the consent of the official authorities. Manufacturers increase the price of fuel, and the profit is dripping at the same time. Increased income is to increase fuel taxes.

The price increases absolutely to all types of services and goods. As they say, we launch first love in the second round, but they pay ordinary citizens.

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, enterprises for the extraction and processing of fuel have the full right to apply their pricing policy and receiving the desired income.

Therefore, it is not necessary to blame oil miners in everything, it is enough to remember those who give them these rights.

While the will of officials will not be limited, this process will not be able to stop. The easiest way to replenish the treasury at the expense of ordinary citizens.

These swings can not be stopped, and one of the parties, sitting on them, is looking for any ways to reduce fuel prices.

The most interesting thing is that such paths are, while the benefits with greater zeal are applied to oil-producing, which are sitting on the other side of these swings.

So only tightening the rope there, it is why there is no decline in fuel prices. Working diagram, vacuating money.

In other countries there is an absolute understanding of what if there is a decrease in fuel prices, it is a big incentive for the development of the economy in the future.

If the price of oil fell, then the gasoline falls too. When trying to inadequately raise the price of gasoline leads to dissatisfaction of the people.

However, in the Russian Federation, it is believed that when raising prices for fuel, an incentive will appear to the development of the economy.

Perhaps there is some truth in this, however, if the economy improves the quality of life of oilmen and officials, but our citizens do not raise this issue.

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