Why I do not advise you to wash your car on self-service car wash.


Now no one will not be surprised by car self-catering sinks. These comfortable services appeared everywhere even in small cities.

Well, the large megalopolises wash out of those who want to wash the machine itself sometimes lines the turn. It seems at first glance that self-service washing is very comfortable and practical.

However, there are some drawbacks that were noticed by me personally. As a result, my opinion about such services has changed and not for the better. Now I will explain why.

The principle of operation of most self-service moels is almost the same. For a relatively small fee, the client receives work equipment to personal use for a certain amount of time.

On average minute costs about 25 rubles. The motorist has a choice of washing modes. He is free to use any kind, be it wax, foam or just water.

To clarify on the example, what exactly disappointed me in such services, I had to go through several miles and make the final conclusion.

First, you just want to note the equipment setting. As well as its quality. Of course, much depends on the motorist itself. Everyone washes his car in different ways.

Nevertheless, low water pressure is one of the weighty flaws. The smaller the pressure, the longer the equipment works. And this is too much time and, accordingly, extra spending.

As for the choice of the foam function for example, at first only water is at first the pistol. Let it only a few seconds, but again spends precious time, and hence the money.

Agree that such an approach is very profitable for the owner of the car wash.

Secondly, doubts cause chemical detergents that are used in self-service mosters. I myself had to wash the car foam with a pronounced smell of fragrances.

Such flavors are added to disguise the bad smell of poor-quality detergent auto chemicals.

Well, finally, let’s talk about the issue of saving money and time. In order not to be unfounded again, I had to conduct an experiment. I washed the car as recommended in the instructions of self-service mossets.

That is, at first aqueous stream, then foam, again the water and the final wovers. As a result, cleanliness cost 250 rubles. Time passed ten minutes.

If we talk about convenience and savings, then you can pay a little more and wait while drinking coffee while my car will be squeezed as it should be in a good car wash.

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