Why I no longer put the crankcase to my car, and I do not advise you.


Today in our country to protect the engine crankcase for motorists, almost mainstream. As a rule, when the car leaves the conveyor, the Carter goes without protection. Drivers simply buy it separately and install on their cars in the hope of obtaining a number of advantages.

There are many opinions on the account of the Carter protection. In this article, we will talk about what is still a lack of such a technical device.

Now buy the Carter Carter protection is possible in almost every automotive spare parts store. You can also buy crankcase protection and official dealers, of course, for an additional fee.

It seems like the engine crankcase protection useful thing, because it helps protect the vulnerable places of the engine. At the same time, it has a number of shortcomings, analyzing which it is possible to abandon its installation.

To date, manufacturers of various car brands offer to install car owner additional protection of the plastic crankcase. But the most popular product in the domestic market is the metal protection of the crankcase, which is made by various informal enterprises.

True, plastic protection costs much cheaper. One way from the main criteria for the production and issuing to the market of modern models of cars is safety. With the oncoming strikes of the forehead car in the forehead, it may be so that the engine is simply pressed into the interior of the car.

All this will lead to serious injuries of drivers and passengers, not only due to the interaction of the engine itself with the body, but also by burning burns from oil and other car liquids. For this reason, the task of engineers to construct the car in such a way that at the moment of such a collision the engine went to the «floor».

When installing metal protection of the crankcase, the engineering base of the engine, developed in production, is disturbed, which later may lead to negative phenomena. Protection from plastic will simply crack, also there is no one to drive anyone when driving around rough terrain.

In addition, when installing the crankcase protection decreases the car clearance. It all depends on its design features, on average, the lumen between the road and the car decreases by two or three centimeters. Sit on the «belly» in winter with such protection can be in two bills.

Most metal protection do not have due qualities. Corrosion is quickly formed on them, which later goes further along the bottom and body body.

Drivers have to be care for such protection, constantly considering corrosion and apply special anti-corrosion products on the surface

For riding around the city, Carter’s protection is generally a useless thing, for ride through rough terrain, this design is suitable much more.

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