Why in the ads selling cars they write so that the dealers and salons do not call them.


Absolutely all car owners, at least once their own selling or buying their cars. After registering on sites such as Avito or Avto.ru, the motorist only remains to view the ads of it for it to buy a car sale.

Often, sellers / buyers write in their ads request do not disturb various dealers.

What is the purpose of this item? The main reasons why motorists do not want to communicate with car dealers — three: nerves, time and price.

Of course, the main reason is the price. The dealers buy cars with their further resale with an overwhelmed price, which in the future will block the costs of gasoline, test drives, employee wages, taxes, car storage and controversial.

The market value for a particular car dealers will never be installed, because at this price, subsequently, a car for the final buyer will be purchased.

Of course, in the case of placing a car with obvious hidden traces of accidents or repair work, the pricing policy is not much worried about the seller, in this case the dealers will come under hand.

Of course, if the car is in excellent technical condition and is properly serviced, the dealers in this case should pass by the checkout.

The main work of the car dealers is to maximize the price of the car and the belief of the seller, which at the price specified by them, the car in such a state and the existing mileage will be quite difficult to sell, or even it is impossible.

Now this is the last opportunity, sell it at the proposed dealers price, albeit much less, but this is money.

Car owners who have experience in working with dealers, in no case will not be embarrassing simply their nerves and listen to the dirty statements addressed to their favorite car with one goal, to maximize its price.

Often the usual car buyers in one city will be less than the dealers. A real buyer in the same way will ask about the status of a car of his history, which auto advantages and whether there are any defects.

The real buyer of the car will not spend time in an empty on unnecessary meetings and inspections of the car, because to exhibit a good car for sale, in a clearly underestimated price, no one will.

For this reason, if the announcement on sale contains a request: «no disturbances are not disturbed,» the car owners have already dealt with them and want to sell their car without any problems.

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