Why in the new asphalt make holes, and after making them not close them?


Surely every motorist saw small holes in the roadbed. These small wells with smooth edges on a newly laid coating are especially noticeable. Not everyone knows what the so-called wells are done for what.

Today we will understand this issue. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that the holes are not too noticeable for wheels of cars. They are actually very small and car tires practically do not feel them when driving.

However, there is still an interest. For what you need to do similar procedures. Moreover, everyone without explanation is understandable, such holes do not carry any practical functions on themselves. Rather, on the contrary.

So, after a conversation with a familiar road worker, it was possible to find out the following. It turns out that special small holes with smooth edges are done after the completion of road works. More precisely in a couple of weeks after laying asphalt. This is a kind of quality test.

There are standards of the thickness of the asphalted canvas. To measure it with a special device and are done by the wells in which the measuring device is lowered. That’s just after the procedure, the wells remain open. But this is a real permit, if you think about it. After all, garbage and water fall into the hole.

In the cold season, the water turns into ice, which in turn bursts the road fabric. So formed all the boning pits. From one similar well for the season, a web defect may appear, which is not predictable sizes. But it is in the process. But initially the wells do not cause a tangible inconvenience to cars.

For that vehicles with small wheels, these holes can cause irreparable harm. Particularly complain about the wells, citizens moving on electrical sinks and bicycles. It can even get to serious injury.

After all, a small well, scored garbage or filled with water, a person may not notice. The road is not empty, so the person falling with the electrical sink due to the deft of the road may be under the wheels of the car.

But so far all this remains at the level of complaints. The fact is that the question of conducting test tests is debugged. But the question of conducting cosmetic repair after test work is also hanging in the air.

Because the checks are carried out after a certain time after the completion of the work, then it is simply not able to repair the web. And the brigades of the controllers do not have to repair neither materials or powers.

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