Why moisten the engine is needed with a squeezed clutch.


Modern machines are no longer possible to start without squeezing the clutch. But cars of old models can be easily started to turn the key.

However, is it still necessary to squeeze the clutch at the factory? For what? In fact, everything is simple. Many believe that squeezing grip save the engine, prolong its working time.

Allegedly, if you start the car without pressing the clutch pedal when the engine is rotated, the engine starts working with a large load without lubrication. But it is not so.

The oil still remains on the walls of the power unit in the form of the finest film. Oil liquid is viscous, that is, oil is far from water. For this wait, the reason is completely non-stealing even for a fairly long period of time.

But if the car stood the night on the street, or in winter, then, of course, it is necessary to squeeze the clutch pedal at startup.

Since the oil is thick and if it does not squeeze the grip, there will be a large load when starting to the engine and the starter, which will be out of order faster.

But is it necessary to squeeze the clutch when you jerk motor?

The answer will be such that it is best to get a habit of swallowing the engine with a squeezed clutch. Again why is it necessary? Everything is just simple here.

If the engine is drowning only by turning the key, then the engine stop will in some cases are far from always smooth.

Sometimes the soiled detonation of the engine arise into the inverse shock, which adversely affects the gearbox and the clutch disc.

What actually significantly reduces the service life of these aggregates. So, in order to save everything for a long time, you need to squeeze the clutch and only then drown out the motor, let go of the pedal already dried in the final.

If you still do not have this habit, then try to get back soon. By the way, some do it on the machine, rather intuitively, which is a huge plus.

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