Why not you should lubricate the wheezing bolts against the advice of experienced motorists.


Many drivers, especially those who are over forty, can be counted for the caste of «experienced» motorists. These wisdom experience owners have experience and their opinion on the repair and care of the steel horse.

A conviction in any such comrades is very difficult.
Today it will be about lubricating the wheeled bolts. On this occasion there are two opinions. If specifically, it is lubricated or not lubricated.

Many «experienced» will argue that lubricate the wheel bolts is strictly necessary. This is a kind of car care. And a good motorist is simply obliged to perform similar subtleties.

Another opinion, «not lubricating», the hypership owners are simply not acceptable. However, if you think a pretty much, and even learn some instructions from manufacturers, you can even doubt the need for such a care.

The desire for everything and everywhere can be lubricated to extremes. In my personal opinion, the lubricant of the wheel bolts is just an extreme.
Although it is worth justice to notice that I myself had sinned over the excesses of lubricants.

That’s just holding a direct study of the issue, it was firmly decided not to lubricate the wheeled bolts.

I had to study several instructions from manufacturers. The first mention of the ban on the lubricant of the wheel bolts was in the instructions for Volkswagen Jetta.

Many will protest, Volkswagen writes the most controversial instructions. For the purity of the experiment I had to explore a few more types of instructions.

One of them is written for Toyota Camry .. A completely authoritative edition is not true? And there is a direct indication of the ban for the lubrication of the wheel bolts.

Why is there a ban on this procedure? It would seem that the piece of iron always needs lubricant. No! Specifically, at least two reasons are indicated in the operating instructions.

The first is a spontaneous weakening of bolts due to excessive lubricant while driving. This may lead to an emergency.

The second is an excessive force applied when tightening bolts due to lubrication can spoil the thread or the wheel drive itself. Both are extremely not desirable.

So personally, I simply stopped lubricating the wheeled bolts. After all, the instructions are written by the creators of cars, then all warnings are not unfounded.

However, care for bolts is still needed. It is simply I’m trying to pass on them with a metal brush, in case of contamination or an extraneous flying. This is so cleared by a thread and this in principle is quite enough.

The conclusion will be banal. Lubricate or not lubricate everyone’s personal matter. There were arguments based on the recommendations of world car manufacturers, mono them to follow, and you can not follow.

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