Why there are no letters on license plates: «F,» I «,» y «,» f «.


On modern car numbers, one trend can be traced, they never see certain letters of our alphabet. The letters «F», «I», «Ya», «F» and some others do not apply in the series of government car numbers.

Many car owners involuntarily thought, at least once, in what language are the series of modern Russian car numbers presented?

And in fact, how to read the state. Number If there are such letters as «H», «X» or «B» on it? «B» is read in this case as the Russian «WE» or as the Latin letter «BE»?

The answer on this issue is completely unequivocal, namely, all state numbers need to read in Russian, because When writing them, only Russian letters apply.

Of course, our letters are similar to Latin, but this is not a coincidence. What provides GOST?

In 1993, GOST was adopted in Russia concerning the automotive state. Rooms. Russia just joined the Vienna Convention concerning road traffic. At the same time, the standard for which modern car numbers look like.

The countries entered into the Vienna Convention should apply only Latin letters and Arabic figures in their license plates. However, there is not a big amendment, letters are read in a certain country as accepted in this country.

Under the Russian GOST about state numbers, only twelve letters can be applied with the state of the state series. Rooms. These letters are included in the standards envisaged by the Convention.

The letters «U», «X», «T», «C», «P», «O», «N», «M», «K», «E», «B» and «A» are used in Russian car numbers.

That is why, according to the Vienna Convention on state license plates, there are no other letters of our alphabet in Russian numbers, since they are not in Latin. Are there any changes provided for by this GOST?

In addition to various restrictions on the use of certain letters on the rooms, GOST provides a certain appearance of the state itself. Rooms.

No longer produced rooms with black background, only rooms with black letters are produced on a white background. The background itself includes a reflective element so that at night in the illumination number you can recognize.

These changes refer not only to Russia, they are also applicable to many countries of the post-Soviet space.

However, some countries have chosen another path, adopting a certain GOST relative to the state. Rooms. They use the letters of the Latin alphabet completely, without applying any other letters.

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