Why Varta’s Akb was the best, and now it is not that.


At all times, the problem of the reliability of car batteries is relevant. It is very acute this question is applicable to Russia, since a sharp and unexpected drop of temperature is characteristic.

Against this background, two conditional groups of auto owners were formed. The first group includes those who buy expensive branded batteries, the second group includes those who will better buy twice what will be cheaper.

Varta batteries in the nineties — zero years were considered a brand, but at the same time they did not cost expensive. In this regard, they were very popular with drivers. The import of such batches was made from Germany, and sometimes from Spain.

The battery data producers were aware of the popularity of their model in Russia, therefore mass production was established, based on the weather conditions of our country.

At the same time, not only the weather was taken into account, but also the Russian auto industry, since our models differed from foreign cars, especially the quality of electrics.

In those days, there was no particular complaints on the batteries of Varta, especially for their life. The service at five to six years was considered absolutely normal.

For what reason today most car owners say that Varta is not able to work out its regulatory warranty period, namely two years.

But Johnson Controls is considered a high reputation company and almost the only one that produces and supplies batteries around the world.

On the official website of the company constantly appear new models and various modifications of the AKB, which only confirm improvements in the quality of products. What is the problem?

If we talk about Europe, then it is considered to be absolutely normal to replace the battery times once a year and a half, given this fact, three reasons are distinguished for complaints:

Making a long-term battery, the reliability of which is provided only by the warranty period, is not included in the manufacturer’s plans. However, in the warranty period, the battery works immaculately.

Since most of the production is transferred to the Czech Republic and Poland, this affected the quality of products. Because of the harmfulness of production, in Germany several years ago prohibitive measures were introduced.

There are no budgetary samples, since the concern’s products were improved, and all that there is either poor-quality residues or surrogate material.

Since the price of the battery rose sharply, the manufacturer changed the guidelines and brought the products to other markets, while absolutely crossing Russia. For this reason, a great many negative reviews about VARTA were formed.

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