Why you need to buy and put the studded rubber before falling out of snow, and then the spikes do not fly out and serve for a very long time.


Many motorists are familiar with the problem of popping spikes on winter tires. The spikes do not jump out after a couple of seasons of operation. And almost in the exact location, immediately after the purchase.

Naturally, all the fault falls on the manufacturer or on the seller. However, no faults are no one here, well, can only the smallestness. There are poor-quality goods issued.

Most often in this problem, motorists themselves are to blame. Because they start not to properly exploit winter tires with spikes, putting, so to speak, from the room in the quarry.

The thing is that the studded tires immediately falls on sale. But it must be riddled.

Why? Because the spikes in the new rubber are firmly and thoroughly. So should not. So that the tires serve a long spike must be pressed into the saddle. And for this you need to make tires the correct run.

Best asphalt is suitable for running, without snow. If we talk about ideal conditions, so raw smooth asphalt is the most. Moisture will perform the role of lubrication.

Of course, it is necessary to ride at the time of running, without sharp braking and reversal, at low speeds, about 70 km / h. Also should not turn the steering wheel from the standing machine. In this mode, you need to drive a minimum of a hundred kilometers. And then you can not be afraid for the spikes.

To make sure that the rubber has been running, you can simply move the spike. If everything went well, the spikes in the saddles will be movable. And this means that your sipovka will serve you faith and the truth is not one season.

Here is such a simple way to help keep the spikes in your winter tires. So do not buy tires in the midst of snowfall, and immediately load them in full.

It is better to pay a little time to this process and manifest a little patience. For what you will be rewarded with excellent spike quality and smaller expenditures on «shoes» for your iron horse.

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