Will the trunk on the roof of the car be wondering?


The trunk on the roof of the car — the device is very comfortable. However, there is an opinion that the installation of this adaptation, DPS employees can write a fine. This is the case in fact or it is just speculation and rumors.

It should be started with the fact that the trunk installation is currently considered to be changed in the design of the car. So register such a device will have to be in the traffic police.

Everything will fix it properly and make an amendment to the passport of the vehicle.

That’s just register the trunk, not all without exception. In fact, install the trunk without any registrations you can automat holders whose cars come from the factory with the possibility of installing the device.

Then you mean the trunk in this case the motorist can establish on quite legal grounds.

However, there is a small reservation. The trunk must be certified at mandatory. Of course, it is best to install the producer plant triggers.

For a device made by handicraft, the owner of the car will receive a fine in any case. It does not matter at all the design of the machine installing the trunk or not.

In general, it is possible to sum up and clarify how much the trunk is necessary for the unauthorized installation of the trunk. According to the Administrative Code (Article 12.5) the amount of the fine is only 500 rubles.

However, the protocol can oblige the driver to eliminate the illegal change in the design, and then fix everything into the traffic police and only then use the car. And this is a completely different story.